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   Light, durable, easy to grip.
Super for individuals with strength and grip issues. They are very light, easy-to-grip, and serve the intended purpose. They are getting a lot of use. Would buy again. They are working out well for the individual for whom they were purchased.
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"I use these cups every day and I'm a disabled American Veteran.
 Good for you Marusya Inc. making these in America"

John Gilligan
Orlando, FL

"What I particularly like about this product is the inclusiveness of the design. Great for the person who needs a bit of help with grip, yet attractive enough for the whole family to use. Well worth the money spent on these cups"

Danielle Powers
Houston, TX

"I was lucky enough to be given a few of these cups years ago. I love them and so do the kids"

Deborah Tuttle
Clifton Park, NY

"The greatest!!"

Amy L Janack
Miami, FL

"I love these cups, I love the way they stack in the cabinets and shimmer like glass in the sunlight. We've run these through the dishwasher for years and they're still as good as the day we bought them. So much nicer than the ugly plastic at health stores. Excellent product."
  Donna McGrath
Roxbury, CT

"Thank you Marusya for doing what you do. This is the first time my Mom has been able to hold a cup independently without help from the family. I know it doesn't sound like much, but maintaining my Mom's dignity and independence means the world to all of us.  Bless you."

Karen S

Skokie, IL

"Thank you so much for shipping so quickly! They arrived today and what a nice surprise. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my hands are very disfigured. When I saw that the glasses were easy grip I thought they would be easy for me to hold. They will be perfect for juice or on the bedside. Please keep me informed if you will be presenting other new products"
Carol A Chaveas
Fort Myers, FL.

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Marusya Inc speaks about 50 million Americans with arthritis
"This is an awesome product. We use them all the time and my kids love them. I take them on the boat.
  They really got the grip right. Well done."